onsdag 22 augusti 2018

Världens bästa låtar på Folks Folkfest!

Nu på lördag spelar jag världens bästa låtar kl 21-23 på Folks finfina fest.

Samtidigt har Gaia Padovan vernissage.

Lite mer info om utställningen:

The Smooth Reflection Series can be conceptualized as partially fragmented portraits where two different elements – 3D and analogue photography – emerge in unison. These techniques allow multiple dimensions to meet creating smooth reflections. A series of art work that speaks of a recounted time. A new space, where the two elements’ inherent desire to merge still become partially visible in each piece.

Gaia has photographed plants analogously, and has been working with 2d/3d graphics for the last two years. Initially experimenting with them separately until eventually she combined them. The result is demonstrated in the smooth reflections series; inverted sunsets in Italy with the backdrop of plants, in a soft 3d graphics that stabilize the work in a continuous line.


Baren 18.00-23.00

Punky 18-21
Per Lovén 21.00-23.00

Foajén 23.00-03.00

Dj Seen 23-00
Dj Osamu (LA)
Tavish Dj (LA)


Gaia Padovan KONST

Folks Folkfest!

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